“Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam,” – in English: “Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed” reportedly was the concluding line of every speech given in the Roman Senate by Cato the Elder (234-139 B.C.).  Carthage was Rome’s primary enemy and was defeated.  It is this writer’s hope that U.S. Senators and Representative adopt such a line to conclude their speeches.    Even if it is a speech about price support for milk.

The goal now is to see the destruction of China’s regime.

These United States are at war with China.  It is not a war with actual physical weapons:  it is a war of cyber espionage and destruction, of vicious trade actions by the Chinese.  The United States is letting all this happening ignoring massive human rights violations, mass executions, ethnic cleansing and worse. Never forget that this nation was founded to preserve basic freedoms against the rather mild yoke of His Britannic Majesty King George III.

What is the problem with China?  Not only are they stealing our very valuable industrial and intellectual secrets; not only are they attempting to force media, movie producers and politicians to mute any possible criticism of China’s Regime; they are also plotting to defeat the United States on all fronts.

China is in big trouble.  That country’s economy is failing and while there are no reliable data on just how bad it is:  the aggressive capital flight by Chinese insiders is telling.

China has corrupted U.S. companies large and small with the promise of quick profit.  In exchange, the Chinese demand access to industrial secrets and muted comments on the evilness of that regime.

How do we fight back?  I have no problem with the Chinese.  My justified rancor is limited to a cruel regime and companies that enable that regime.

How can we hurt the regime in China so it falls?  China is internally fractured and susceptible to civil unrest.  China faces what Karl Marx defined as pre-revolutionary conditions.   Thus we must increase funding for movements that fight for their very survival inside the troubled Middle Kingdom.  This means support for the Tibetans, Mongols, and Uighurs – just to name a few.  We must help return to the period of the “Warring States Period.”

We also must cut-off access to technology and money.  Companies such as WalMart are major importers of “low cost” Chinese goods.  It is believed that WalMart alone is responsible for about 25 percent of all import from China.  There are plenty of other places where Chinese goods can be replaced and sourced.

Fashion houses in New York should protect themselves: they should stop using Chinese suppliers and go elsewhere.  It may cost a bit more for each garment but ultimately fashion companies will save money – Chinese firms will not have access to designs which rapidly enter the market well before major firms such as Dior, Prada or Chanel can start selling their own products.

Businesses – large and small – should curtail dealings with China.  All they are doing is being complicit in mass murder, human rights violations and strengthening an avowed enemy of the United States. Do executives of these companies want to see their daughters and sons killed in a shooting war with China?

When President Richard Nixon opened diplomatic and business relations with China the one argument was that working with U.S. firms would help reform a cruel regime.  This did not happen.

How do the Chine pressure U.S. firms?  It is basic bribery.  Here is one example:


This is Chase.  Here is one other example.  Washington Square Analytics, Inc… (WSA) – a small consulting firm in New York City an operated in part by at least on felon who was convicted for financial fraud, has been working with Hony Capital, a Chinese private equity firm, owned by Legend Holdings. Legend Holdings provided Hony, a pioneer in China’s private equity industry, with its start-up capital. Hony has about US$7 billion under management. According to Hony, its core strategy is to invest in large state-owned enterprises and restructure them to increase profits. Hony also invests in overseas consumer brands in order to create value by expanding their presence in China. http://washingtonsquareanalytics.com/

So Chase and WSA along with many others is complicit is enabling more human rights violations by the Chinese.

We have a small window to hurt China’s dictators and get them to fall.   And what can we – The Repton Group LLC – do to help U.S. firms in their combat with China?  And what about the over $1.2 trillion in on Treasury Bonds held by China?

Here is an action plan:

  • Let us all make public who cooperates with the Chinese to the detriment of U.S. national security
  • Encourage curtailing trade with China – we have many other attractive options such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia, or The Philippines among many.
  • Offer ideas for a boycott of Chinese goods not limited to the many tainted food products
  • Report hacking attempts by the Chinese to the Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • Push our politicians to fight for U.S. values:  the U.S. went to war for our very freedoms against Germany and Japan.  Did we forget?
  • As for the debt – let us follow the example of President Frank D. Roosevelt – and by executive order say this debt is null and void and a repayment for the economic damage done by China
  • Foster – we can help – relations with the Chinese opposition now. This will lead to major business in the fruitier after the regime falls.

To adapt Cato the Elder:  furthermore the Chinese Regime must be destroyed.

Agostino von Hassell

The Repton Group LLC